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Portuguese recipes

Usually, when people talk about portuguese recipes, the first thing they are thinking about is : cod or grilled sardines.

Surely, those dishes are part of traditional portuguese recipes (we know 365 ways to cook cod, one for each day of the year), but portuguese food is not only cod or grilled sardines, it's a lot more.

We invite you to discover the diversity of portuguese food, recipes made with fresh ingredients from the kitchen garden, recipes full of savour, warm dishes for winter and fresh ones for summer.

We sincerely hope that those portuguese recipes will give you urge to cook them in order to have a better knowledge of traditional portuguese food.

You'll also be able to see pictures from Portugal to remind you or to make you discover this beautiful country.


To make you feel in a "portuguese mood", we give you the possibility to listen to traditional portuguese music, click on the play button just below. If you have any suggestion or request, just fill the contact form, we'll do our best to satisfy you.

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